Aesop’s Funny Fables

19 roles for older actors or adults to perform. This show can be played by as few as 5 actors with doubling. Single set or “found” space. Very easy to tour.
As the old man Aesop awakens from a dream, he realizes that he has been dreaming about stories his grandfather used to tell him … the fables of Aesop. In his dream the people in the neighborhood appeared as animals out of Aesop’s fables. We see four characters from the neighborhood … a trendy girl, a tough boy, a nerd and an old woman. Along with Aesop, these characters and others take us through the world of Aesop in a delightfully comic way.

Featured in this play are 8 of the most famous of the Aesop’s fables, including “The Fox and The Grapes,” “The Fox and the Crow” “The Lion and the Mouse,” “The Wind and the Sun,” “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “The Hare and the Tortoise.”
“The audience had lots of fun … and we received lots of positive responses for our show!!!” …  Northwood University (Texas Campus) Players



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